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digitalis, strophanthus, aconite, and cannabis indica? They are all drugs

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America, chiefly in Germany." The sea coasts present more instances

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reacts on the mind, poisoning every thought, darkening every hope,

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Hutchinson cites a case in which iridoplegia was asso-

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to foster a preference for a particular brand of serum ; but that

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been confirmed by many authors, and in the tropics by Cornwall.

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unlike other trematodes, Schistosomum haematobium does not

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invigoration. This stimulation may easily be secured by alcohol.

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all of the signs of an internal hemorrhage, with some external bleeding. There

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of the chloride, which is readily soluble in water,

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Among the more common adverse events in the domestic placebo-controlled

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and sometimes with convulsions ; chiefly affecting females

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though in some cases the disappearance of the venous

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ISO lbs.; of cast iron 450 lbs.; of wrought iron 480 lbs.

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