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remarkable liouse epidemic of typhoid fever. Univ. M.
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Laboratory Facilities: Instruction in chemistry and physics
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skeleton was found near the surface of a peat-moss or bog. All the bones
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Country Hotel, San Diego. Thurs-Sun. 25 hrs. $395. Contact:
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discomfort " through the pelvis ; also a feeling of fulness or a
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disease, jaundice, cirrhosis, cancer, fatty degeneration of the liver, alco-
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was sought to be settled was, whether or no a physician
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throat attend regularly throughout the year on their respec-
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Isadore Brodsky M.D., Sigmund Kahn M.D., "This year we'll use Luther
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crossing at right angles, so as to form a number of sharp points. Over these
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all our active therapeutical agents about as readily as weak alcohol.
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Gouty cases should be treated with salines, and salicylates may be tried
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records were taken with them, and the officers who succeeded in com-
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ling and itching about the meatus. The patient then scratches
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pounds ; halogen compounds ; sulphur compounds ; nitro-
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to dwell on it at this time, especially as in this form it is
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to sudj cases as the one just recommended ; its action is gentle, but ef-
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in the grounds attached to the hospital, when the conditions of the eyes do
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The report of the Treasurer was read and referred to the
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have no trouble. It is quite a little art to milk a woman's breast
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in abscess, they being barely visible to the naked eye. The elastic tissue
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respects from the ordinary forms of the parasite, especially in
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she was seized with a violent pain in her back when she was stooping; and after that she bad a
part of the back. The pain Avas constant, but it varied in position. There
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but cordate. MS. Q-. only has stems and correct leaves.
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who is in no way suffering, suddenly develops a most violent attack of
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many details, but details and even experiments, and even facts, are
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for the purpose of procuring medical advice. He registered the child, and
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maintain that the causative factors of pellagra have not been operating
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The patient recovered in half an hour, but was restless during the
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clerk very bad & must have one as Soon as Possiable.
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in a room occupied by large bodies of men becomes soonest charged
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alternate-delegate slot, 1 considered it briefly and then
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hands, out of over twelve hundred deliveries, about twelve
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and we should perform a graceful act of international justice in frankly