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driasis. From want of sufficient knowledge or skill to reach the diagnosis
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porary improvement began at once, and in three days
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probably in the nuclei of the cells, as active agents in
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higher grade when an occasional impulse fails to reach the
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to deliver a more extended Doctorate Address. As the Institute was founded
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Albuminous urine always signifies a pathological con-
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a mild attack. Convalescence is very apt to be interrupted by, 1, gastric
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having dismissed its more aqueous part to the kidneys
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to do so or not. It is stated, on the one hand, that
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The Annual Address, by John Q. Meachem, Sr., M. D., of Racine,
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the following visit there was marked diminution in the dis-
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The Cholera is raging again this year at Mecca, and
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different states called allotropism, is frequent. * * * *
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should be used daily, and the temperature of the system
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completed the fifteenth term (i.e., fifth year). The examina-
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That they truly constitute the actual germ of the disease
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erable number in a surprisingly short space of time, and
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down like a lobster net. With each act of inspiration, however, it could
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forty-seven per cent. Of 17 cases in which the affected
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immediately submucous, and the solution is seen slightly to
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comprising 14 cases of complete or partial placenta praevia,
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clause 1 of section 2 by striking out all the words after " eight months each."