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unravel the pathological .nysteries of the toxaunias of i)regnancv which
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a new form of speculum designed to facilitate electrical and other
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both carotids, if done slowly, and at due intervals of time, can be carried
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illustration, a specimen of a huge spirillum, 45 /i. long, with cilia
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the dilatation was a narrowing. The strictly-localized
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To carry out the former, evacuants are indicated ; the
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mucous membrane, or even perforation of the stomach or
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brain tumor. 25 The most frequent postradiation soft tissue
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cerebraler Halbblindheit mit orhalteneni Gesichtsfeldrest
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hay-fever and asthma are as a rule either relatively easy to relieve,
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he found himself not strong enough to undertake them."
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is conveyed by a wave of the liquid to the open flat hand, which
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Re-elected as Chief of Staff at St. Mary’s Hospital
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Successful Treatment of Infantile Myxoedema.— Dr.
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country. In 18B6 a case of spontaneous cowpox i\'as discovered at Be»-
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sin. Contact Dept. 10 in care of the Journal. m9tfn
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other side is affected in a da}' or two, sometimes not for several days or
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Table I, Case 17. — Mrs S., aged 35, married, two children.