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processes, each equally essential to life. Without destruction

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Dr. Baillie, in his "Morbid Anatomy:" and by earlier English

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medical degrees appear to have been conferred by Middle-

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four cases recorded by Kuster, eighteen were into the pleura and

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direct opposition to the view of Kolisch. Malfatti believes that the

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clamp. So soon as the trocar is in the cyst the clamp is

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carbon in the form of sugar to prevent the core from drop-

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this canine babesiasis can be successfully treated by hypodermic

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a swelling in the situation of the oesophagus as large as a per-

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with the latter as one of its district branches. Action is expected upon our

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time in the larger cities throughout the world, also is a very

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ness with which the milk is brought in contact with the air. From the ex-

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Bourquoise and Brunet express their belief (1823) in the contagious

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sheath of the rectus is entered and opened downward, pushing the mus-

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whole attack on the Hospital was inspired by partisan malice.

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pareesthesia, anaesthesia, paresis, and muscular atrophy.

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systofic murmur, but it was only a continuation of the

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Successful Treatment of Infantile Myxoedema.— Dr.

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il, malt extract, and similar agents are good, while iron

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permanent affection of the nerve centres. Now, if this be pos-

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.f days. The author had immediate recourse to all the common remedies,