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to examine a case in the early stage of this disease, but
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distribution of the fifth nerve on one side. Dyspnoea and Cheyne-Stokes
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upon the above subject, in wliich reference was first
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abdomen in the median line, it can add nothing harmful to
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Vol. I, is before us. It is an 8vo., volume of 68 !
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ment that needs special mention. In tight virgin cer-
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of rheumatism, and he had never suffered from growing pains
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manner with 4 c.c. of sodium carbonate solution, and the pipet washed
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done which, put the crumbs of bread into a slow oven to bake
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more difficult is it to locate the attachment of an ovum
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I found almost total anfesthesia of the fourth and fifth toes
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instant, a few words of caution will not be superfluous. In
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not required to pursue a prescribed course of study. Similar regulations govern the
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after two years, while in others it has persisted for five years. Persons
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to breed among the people an habitual misconception that
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in the train) the greater the number of cases contracting the disease
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swamp, the inference is plain, that from >vhatever
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tion of gland and a section of tubercle, the first becomes a beautiful plexus of
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ing." Postcards have been supplied to the Poor Law District Medical
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spleen, and appeared at first sight to be a part of that organ ; but the
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The bile is the most compound of the animal fluids, and offers
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greater or lesser length of time, graver symptoms and conditions
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is useful for a vaginal or uterine injection ; a 1 per cent,
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roofs should be carefully screened with fine copper wire gauze. Of
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iences and discomfort as well as for greatly enhancing
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TRSATMEirr. — It would be a great gain, could we only relieve p^
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children who have previously been well and who become
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