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the median line, was covered with a nodular new-growth
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month will suffice," said I. " What," said he, " a dol-
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have therefore in them a diagnostic sign of the highest value to
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line of treatment may not be adapted to different epidemics, or even
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disturbance. It was first noted at the periphery of the fibrillse, and travelled
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preparations and of hydrochloric acid in this condition, with the
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Although these three types of disease have been thus sepa-
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held in October, and valuable papers were read by Drs. S. D. Gross, S. \s .
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the occurrence of any convulsive seizure or an attack of apoplexy.
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physicians either gives or receives any reason respecting the diseases of the
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fectiy quiescent and without deleterious effect upon the
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the relation which this system holds to the rest of the organism, would au-
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If, indeed, further experience should confirm Dr. Watson's
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panded, and stretches into the abdomen as far back as the fifth ab-
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lesion in one half of the cord. The degree of tactile anaesthesia is great, but
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restrict its rash prescription, and to prevent its premature ex-
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the wound, gauze, and a roller-bandage applied. The boy
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ter with the ribs, usually an osteomyelitis, which helped
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less inflammation of the fauces. It was then, in general, suf-
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" This evil is none the less great because of its long
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The fact that so many of Kuttner's cases were associ-
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Chemist and Microscopist. Office of, established, 46. Duties
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choroid, to which recently attention has been called by Cohnheim
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nurse combine to counterbalance a nervous husband ; and, above everj'—
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symptoms arise, is to do venesection, taking a large amount of blood, and replac-
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Later at times she was able to be up and walk about, and again she would
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■ Risks of certain diseases are compounded for this group, if employed, by
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protective quality, and the antitoxine already in solution
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oader camp conditions. Was the element of doubt not suf-
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or Laennec's cirrhosis, and this so-called hypertrophic stage has been
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strictures were malignant, while in women not more than
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it in its best and most acceptable form and of the choicest quality, which we are
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du globe oculaire ; mydriase, amblyopic et ophtalmie sym-
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presenting clinical evidences of active inflammation, is
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pylorus which so matted it down that the pylorus was about
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tirely displace the Caesarean operation for a relative
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of the symptoms of ataxia, and that this morbid state,
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"A really useful guide for student and practitioner." — Ind.Med.
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i. The pay of Surgeons and Staff Surgeons to increase by
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written in Mr. Walsham's well-known lucid style. , j
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diseased tissue two or three times a week. The immediate
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T^ble IV demonstrates the behavior of undiluted cow's
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