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This discovery has since been confirmed, both during life and in post-
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tion, it may be called, the profession in Canada owes much. A^
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tion curative properties; that is, animals in which tetanus had been
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long period of time without pulmonary tuberculosis or gen-
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the carmiaitives of great benefit. A strong tea of fennel, anise, cori*n-<
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for the same ingredients of which a patent medicine is
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cilitv of inveiligation is the great objecl of clafTification ; and we
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available. Practice available because of recent death
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up the ligature, and attention was next directed to
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posing the vital fluid. In the present paper we propose to consider
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gone to the immunized stage weighing actually more than when the
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scarcely approaching each other during inspiration, or sepa-
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operate at greater distances, as well repelling as attracting the neighboring corpuscles ; and
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of the internal jugular vein, the oedema over the mastoid (if
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nerves. Epiphora is often spoken of as due to reflex
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The liist lesson is that the chemical composition of a vapour
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Avoidanoe of the causes from which the affection proceeds, and
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two or three days later the left hand was spasmodically contracted,
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the voice of Hea. Darkness shall protect him, and Mar-
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off. There was a tendency to ulceration about the joints of the toes, and cuta-
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475. Waxy degeneration of a malpighian body, with a few granule cells
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The fluids thus prepared, must then be strained through fine
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After a time livid blotches make their appearance here and there on the
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or one or more of the other organisms in the exudate. The
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does not, even in this way, except rarely, cut sliort
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nephritis of pregnancy, by chronic nephritis, hydro-
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Dr. S. A. Knopf read a paper entitled, * 'Should we treat consumption as a con-
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not likely to be of much service as an intestinal antiseptic.
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foot" is sometimes elicited. In many subjects tested
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about as 1 : 3 after the necessary corrections have been made.
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cent. ; occasionally in some places, as in Copenhagen, for instance, it was as
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chest wall in a direction from within outward. It was decided
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and Tai tar emetic* probably given in alternation, followed by Ipecac,