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nervous disease has led to a very careful study of possible nervous influ-

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caused which bears the closest possible resemblance to iSsivnaud's disease.

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and only after very careful irrigation with boracic acid solution and sub-

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He b very positive in his statement that all carcinomata of the kidney arise

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regenerative powers of the kidney, resection or nephrotomy should be the

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(6) DistrUnUion of the Lesions. — ^This is very variable, and every com-

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may spread continuously or remain limited to the parts where it was first

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undiT snitalilc conditions, wliicli have alifady lii'cn dt'scriln-d. The result^

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The fact, too, that the growth involves secondarily only one type of structure,

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suffocation, or. swelling in the throat. Graves thought the well-known

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ridges, tuberosities, etc. The grooves for tendons, vessels, and ner\'es are

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Some round-cell infiltration and some increase m connective tissue, or an

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the comparative rarity with which one meets with neglected suppurative

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John Thompson, M. D. F.R.S. Ed. Professor of Surgery to

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CJitrurgical Transactions. Hodgkin described in diis article a peculiar

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antra of Highmore also, as are all the accessory sinuses. The vertebral

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into any details as to the reasons for this statenuMit, hut it will sn.i

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t. The /i/»((.v(.v aeeeleratiiij: disruiit ion of neutral fats, e. jr., steansin

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part of the mother. Lunn^ reported a case of achondroplasia in a patient

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and the other subjective symptoms of an acute fever. By the end of the

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minute as hotwcen •_>.>< and S.7 liters, wliicli wiiuld correspond, al •

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blebbing of the sarcolemma sheaths was seen, which Hoen^ had previously

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the thumbs it was not detected until the seventh year. Other malformations,

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them. Tumors of the spleen, liver, and uterus may present these charac-

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syphilis are far reaching and important, but are not important in a life insur-

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of blood and the conditions associated with the hemorrhage. In cases with

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ease of a different description in other viscera ; I

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of the adrenals of Marchand. They may set up metastases without giving

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cases of atheroma with dilatation of the arteries and in chronic cyanosis of

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a young woman applied who presented in a typical manner the vasomotor

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land between an inflammation and a new-growth. The present trend of

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specific tetany reaction he ascribes to a functional disturbance of the para-

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stronger stimulus than the fibrillar. A ^elective poison acting more on the