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plan was changed several years ago. It is one in which the
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Dr. Leonard, in closing the discussion, said that he
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attainable. Fortunately this is of less moment, as the one condition
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Mr. Editor : — The following, my contribution to a dis-
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The general dose for an infant, under six months of age, may be stitted
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entire southern boundary of both cities and emerges from the
Occasionally paralysis is due to excessive accumulations of intestinal
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go without shoes all summer. The feet should be trimmed occa-
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only three inches of shortening remains, though five inches of length was re-
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follow corneal ulcers, that I have had my best results.
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although a great deal of good surgery had been done
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advancement, and we feel certain the profession will fully appre-
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increases, and, at length, becomes more or less severe. The pain is com-
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diseases. He considers them, to use his own language, " as distinct
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been content to dismiss it with a brief word of commendation
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52.5°. Rain fell on 12 days to the amount of 1.422 inches,
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hearing in that ear. There was an entire absence of
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more does the cystic element disappear. Thus, in the gene-
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a reasonable apprehension of a communicable disease,
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tis. Cystotomy. Death Eight Days after Operation. By
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effusion to be dreaded. Besides, the wound being upwards,
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process; it is pale and soft, whilst the microscope shows it to have undergone
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advise that these cases be kept under observation at
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Blood Pressure. — Blood pressure is much lower relatively
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guinea-pig weighing 250 grammes, and of 10 c.c. into a
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struggle for the more concentrated forms of protein food, and
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or, as Lichtheim supposes, in the course of its afferent or efferent fibres.
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In regard to the processes to be adopted in a disinfec-
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mobility and friction give rise to a bursa to lessen friction. Infected
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To make a long story short, this consist- ant. At first indeed he was so expansive
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the pubis. Inflammation of the substance of the uterus is
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According to the results obtained, the urticarial type was
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organism. In a literal sense, itching is disease. But in
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practiced upon living human beings, but holding that con-
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and of its having a direct etiological bearing upon the associated
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