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to a greater or less extent, so long as men love to have
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may attack a cataractous eye. Cataracts are white, black,
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the form of the liquor morphinae (tti^10-20), not merely
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Study of the serological relation of strains of pneumococcus has
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midiUe third of the ascending frontal convolution, by paralysis of the opposite
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very tender, so that each effort was followed be severe spasm of the pha-
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rhage has taken place, the chemical and spectroscopic tests for the pigments are much
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subcutaneous, in a boy 5 years old. A slough separated after one
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□ Doing your retirement planning and estate planning.
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opposite to the effect of lesions higher up. This is explained by the
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much discomfort it was removed, and was found to be a columnar
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qoarters of the town suffered most, the mor- jgarded the latter process. Dr. Brinton re-
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between the studs should be filled in solid with fireproof
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non-pathogenic organism, and it is, therefore, immaterial
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Southeast Arkansas Medical Lecture Series, fourth Tuesday, 6:30 p.m., Pine Bluff County Club. Dinner meeting.
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The inconveniences, however, which have hitherto attended
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economy it may be doubted whether this is advisable, for evidence
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ciently, either chemically or therapeutically, and therefore little
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Even when caution is observed, however, the peritonseum may
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soldier in a hussar regiment, and was acting as groom to a
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afiected side of the face sometimes gives rise to spasms which may even
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ear were as when seen at the last visit. An incision was made into
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we may rely on the fact that reflex neurosis depends on some pathogenic
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subcutaneous incision, about ten years ago, when he related nine cases, he has
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ping its action ; while strychnine is an example of a medicine
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fracture and considerable extension should be exerted
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pyocyaneus toxine. In a monkey inoculated with diphtheria toxine
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was sufficient to form a notable projection of the epigastiium arid upper
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thick trees, and still more dangerous to sleep under them. But
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and subtropics. It is most common in Brazil, the West Indies, Mexico,
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been detached. Almost the whole of the epiphysal cartilage
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form attacks (^ which are not peculiar to disseminated sclerosis, but occur
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his mouth. He is physically unclean and suffers from incontinence
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sisted of unintelligible scratches. She was evidently anxious to express herself,
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pain and the eruption ; 3, the occurrence of persistent hyper-
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dulness is sometimes found increased ; possibly, however, the normal limit
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M. I)., Assistant ( Obstetrician to the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, etc.
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showing signs of despair, his eyes were clear but un-
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stomach. Digestion is arrested, vomitings are induced, and, in
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period as being most disastrous in results. The suffering of
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