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is defined to be the transference of diminished resistance to

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age annual death-rate per 1,000 of the population was

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of the paper is prophylaxis during and after the operation. We all

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at the Police Court on March 7th, 1899, in a charge preferred against M. Fleming by

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the thickness of the walls of the middle intestine, especially in its ter-

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accompanied erysipelas of the head and face, and was attended

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radiating towards the right. There was no tenderness at other points

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the pons in this region is a mass of gray matter which

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Abram Du Bois, Austin Flint, Austin Flint, Jr., J. W. S. Gouley, Thomas


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ber of symptoms of this condition not usually recognized.

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slight variation of form from beat to beat may be caused by combinations of

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— a hole at its apex allowing it to slip over the screw.

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santly over the snowy waste, ringing the bells attached to their necks, and

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seized the left side and he thought himself dying. He was at

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disgrace. We trust we have sufficiently shown, how the quack does it.

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that may make a man ready for the undertaker in twenty-four hours is

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feast, while waiting the advent of the man who diagnoses

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turpentine was administered in conjunction with the oil. Turpentine seems to

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