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and reports bearing upon his branch of the profession. He married,
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In cases of simultaneous lesion of the respiratory and
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concentrate their attention upon a single feature of a case, and
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" 3. From the fact that amongst the earliest symptoms are the
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their authorship to him are subjoined: "Cancer and Its Treatment"
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Surgeons of Columbia University, from which he was graduated
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proposition as his opinion. He has seriously raised the doubt
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sion in the shape of university, collegiate, hospital, and govern-
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of which is suggestive and interesting. The contributors are
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was united in marriage to Charlotte, second daughter of
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and is Secretary of the Iowa State Surgeons' Association.
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pneumogastric nerve, — the nerve that plays so important a
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in America of the first milk depots known to the profession as the
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,ui 10 Tliu .^lomiL- Maturnity Hos|)iial uf the College of
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totality of the symptoms more closely than any other remedy,
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of small calibre generally leave very small perforations, which
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Hospital for sixteen months ending October i, 1886.
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granulosa to the cases of ophthalmia was only twenty-two, this is
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with the nasal fossae and the mouth, the evolution of these
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In addition to his city home he has a delightful summer
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weakness was such that she could not walk, and could stand
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ing medical societies: The American Medical Association, the New
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usual time. Our hero being a thorough master of all (hat
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York, a resident of Buffalo since 1867, and an active medical
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treated, these excoriations give rise to reticular lymphangitis
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first washes the limb, then rubs it with a soft brush, removes
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of New York City. She died in 1883, leaving three children. He
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cussion of difficult cases, from opposite stand-points, should tend
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overworked physique. The hod-carrier and the master of the
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later. After a visit to the medical centers of Europe, and the usual