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of contaminating organisms and is essential. Macroscopic growth
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a laceration, and my observation in this respect embraces six
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Piggott Tumor Conference, third Wednesday, 12:00 noon, Piggott Hospital, every four months.
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an unusual character. The patient was a woman seven
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vestigation connected with bacteria and micro-organisms,
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ity, but the concealment of convictions, would be sail-
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usual straight position. A few days since the patient pre-
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attack of the inspiratory force, yet a full examination
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of our knowledge of cysts resulting from nephritis, it is not easy to imagine
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been absorbed, so that the finger could be passed into the cavity of the
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England from the coast of Africa with intermittent or remittent
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Treatment. — ^The patient should be kept in a darkened room, as
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head of the male, as well as the female department, would be a valuable
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germs and for the recovering of the lost strength by the weakened
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tion of which he complained, and attention to the latter would doubtless be
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range of motion enjoyed in the former than in the latter direc-
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chiefly for the use of laymen. The subject-matter of this
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are not noticeable in winter. Many persons aim to have the rats about the house
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a necessity for this ; at the same time, it should be remem-
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Bohemia not less than 20,000 men from spotted typhus, and the
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of the spleen. A labourer, set. 44, suffered from intermittent for a
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following fracture of the femur, but little improve-
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of reception, whilst their other (cellulifugal) prolongations join the
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This is but an inch or so in length. It receives lymphatics from
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crotcbett}', selfish and exacting. For a year he had
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Dr. Farr proposes trachealia, as already mentioned, but it has not
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treatment of iritis. Dr. L. is extremely cautious; he finds that he can procure
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complete list of the educational materials available,
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this manner is, of course, incompatible with its further existence, and the
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The continual narrowing of the canal, or rather the opening out of