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median and lateral groups. The median trunks pass from
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ertion. They are classified according to their nature.
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39. The Presidents of Sections shall preside at the Ordinary Meetino-s of the
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The temporary teeth are usually shed easily; the per-
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number of Physicians, however eminent in private practice, are not
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Thus, in 1860, among 61 cases of angina simplex, 12 of typhoid
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ing epignathus and congenital sacral teratoma, we are
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pleurodynia, and pain, or fear, or the excitement caused by the
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Rejected manuscript will be returned, if desired*, by mail or Express, at the expense x>f tl]%
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expert surgeon should be called upon to operate for
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light, which Professor Tyndall adjusted, so as to let the audience see
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the commonest. It was, moreover, the earliest to appear
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and possibly with dust or dirt that is inhaled or eaten
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be that one which is expressly excluded from the scope of
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monary tuberculosis, and the number of this class of case
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large, the best treatment for this trouble is to let it
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The work is to be edited by Joseph Jones, M. D. This Journal
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tendency was for the examining finger to be brought to the
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The form of scarlatina experienced in Dublhi recently was