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were consulted, and the case attracted widespread notice. He came to
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Eczema, a contribution to the study of.— Leslie Roberts. Brit. Journ. of Dermat.
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and sufficiently remote from the sources of generation, by
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thermometer was out of the question. Pulse 140, respiration 48 per min-
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coagulum thus obtained, if treated with water, gives up a substance
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membrane was lessened when the tablets were dissolved
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stenoses and diverticula of the esophagus, which show
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tions. Whether ulcerative or traumatic, the perforations
portion to the xanthin bases remain unaltered, showing
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constipated ; appetite poor, but he is excessively thirsty.
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might very probably involve the recurrent laryngeal nerve. But in
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for May 6th, Dr. Pohl, of St. Petersburg, read a paper on the therapeutic
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old man got well under the chloral and bromide treatment. I gave
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involving adjacent parts containing important motor and sensory
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Adequate health care is not a "basic human right.” For
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ledge it is better to determine the urea in an isolated state, than by
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language of the author: "In seizing the round liga-
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festations are absent or inconspicuous though glandu-
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felt in theside even when also present elsewhere. To these ques-
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to seek some other explanation, and he suggested that
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ventricles is kept up, in order to maintain the water-bed on which tlie
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severs," by Dr. Parkes, which appeared in the Medico* Chirurgical
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ous reactions for the demonstration of these oxidizing substances
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It is most frequent between the fifteenth and thirtieth years.
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On Coughs, Consumption, and Diet in Disease. By Horace Dobell, M. D., etc. Phil-