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American Literary Gazette & Publishers' Circular. Philadelphia: July

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Glasgow Daily Herald. " Doctor " indicates the male

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it is expected the others will do so shortly. An effort

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iodine, which should be brushed on the affected part

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be conceived that after an ulcer is once established it does not require the

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wound had assumed a more health j appearance. On the 6th he was trans-

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ment Board by a Committee appointed for the purpose of investigating this-

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other surgery. We have also heard the complaint that

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formal addresses, papers of general interest, and demonstra-

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the eosinophiles were very scanty, and in one case only somewhat

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greatly in size, but attained its former dimensions in a short time.

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tonsillitis, after which, for a short time, he manifested symptoms of exalted

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conclusions are: 1. The findings of other writers that (a) the

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can be used freely in 10 to 14 days. In more chronic cases mas-

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The prevention of tuberculosis is no longer a medical problem —

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A few days only elapsed between its admission into the hos-

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everything is possible in pathological processes, at least

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sands. As an accurate observer of disease, he was correct

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5. A Medical and Surgical Registrar is appointed by the Committee of the Hospital,

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Two days later, with the assistance of my colleague Mr.

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579-591. — Walscr (15.) Drei Falle eigenthumlicher

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inally is its commonly accepted action as a stimulant, with a' supposed

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