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blood from the surface of the chest. This can only be needed when
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masses of mixed plaster, which touched l by the simple irritation effected at the
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and some of the lower animals. So great was the interest awakened by these
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time. The economic disadvantage of having the time and business
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is usually given by the mouth, in gradually increasing doses, after meals ;
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the part of those attacked, or by lessened efficiency of the methods of
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and especially so if the blood be drawn from < foreign injurious matter, than against any-
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substitute externally for the disabled ligament. The constant
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tion, nothing constant in their appearance, nothing distinctive in their
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ice-water for the lavage, and others recommend gelatin water. It is
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given. It shows a toxic effect in which the ventricular complex is continually
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mence eating the loco weeds. This is especially noticeable in the
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must relieve this toxaemic state as the prim- administered.
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The history and findings in the case will be given briefly. The blood
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The generation of cavities or cells ; cell-develop-
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of sanitary refonu will be imperfectly done, though enforced
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in infancy without anemia, and the anemia may improve or
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ders of what is left of the sac, which will tend to fix it
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Villemin's results in part, but much weight was brought against his
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speak of as the " normal average curve." At the same time it
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hard nodular outline of these glands, the presence of circum-
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Dr. .1. L. Cabell, of University of Virginia. Chairman.
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508 hysteropexy operations seemed a very large total from 1909 to 1912,
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cutaneous connective tissue arise secondarily to similar disease originally
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diet, malarial poisoning, the filth and overcrowding of camp and bar-