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times, on account of unfavourable conditions, certain lobes of

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The patient stated that at times during the preceding four months,

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tion,, but that it had permeated the lungs, and had attained the left side

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description of the general and special anatomy of the

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cases there is seen a marked degree of somnolence and apathy. In


how much care and labour have been bestowed on this edition

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As for the head covering, it will consist of a woolen helmet or one of skin

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likely breeding places should be kept short in order that they can

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medical students. Indeed, in specific instances, respon-

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she gives to a friend, or as a witness in an action or proceed-

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hour, and then cooled, and with its solid contents weighed.

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I would introduce a discussion on this iheme 1 declined,

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odor to the breath and an occasional erythematous erup-

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the case of Reg. v. Saville (Nottingham Summer Assizes, 1844, and Reg. v.

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when a sympathetic irritation is produced by a nerve

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but one negative examination is of little value. The presence of elastic

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facts regarding radioactivity and radioactive substances that

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a Frenchman, accustomed to drink red wine and brandy, but never to

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The fourth, aged two years, died on the fourth day of

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nutritional disturbances may occasion arterial spasms with consequent

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way in this case, and pay no attention to other symptoms.

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about ten years since: Dr. Calmette is now in charge. Per-

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Index Medicus, Hospital Literature Index and Cambridge Scientific Abstracts.

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with honors, and interned at Ancker Hospital in Saint

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