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1888. ii, 241-245.— Dimmer (F) Die Lokalis:itinii der
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is destroyed in part ; and thus the amount of nitric acid found
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tention causes little or no pain, or the slight pain is attributed
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longata contains the chief vaso-motor centre ; i. e. , that from which
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city." The number of students in the Univer>ity of
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V. Zeuge-ManteufteP makes use of india-rubber gloves. He says
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earliest (1897) existing Sanskrit MSS. It was prob-
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and secretory nerves. 5. The most frequent seat of lieadache
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perience that in functional neuroses of any kind the mo-
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Smith MF: Conservation of hearing and acoustic schwannoma surgery. Am J
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Rheumatoid arthritis is another affection which may
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seed meal thirty-five days after the feeding commenced, an average
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set. 5, was the subject of multiple tuberculous lesions ; three of these,
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natal development of the finer nervous structure constituting
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The danger of war with Chile appears to be past and capital is being
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The effect of laimrotomy in tuhercidosis of the female f/enitalia
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2. That this principle is neither chemical nor mechanical in its nature,
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interrupted i)ruritus and the resultant scratching, the skin does not
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cases (the whole number of cases being 53) in which this symptom was
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of a hit of lint moistened in water, between the prepuce and gl&ns, or
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indeed, unaltered. There is no exfoliation, nor atrophy, nor tumour
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habilitation of the physically handicapped child is
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dispute a moment with those who would wish to interfere with the
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well the relative incidence of cardiac involvement in the
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tropical climates have (or may have) in their blood the haematozoon
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pects to bring out a new monthly, to be called "The Country
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degeneration may and frequently do become centres from
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Diagnosis. — It is impossible to clinically differentiate carcinoma from