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The "general studies", those of the regular college curriculum,

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indeed, would be a glorious era in the history of medicine, as

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by his Pupils to William Henry Welch on the Twenty-

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until September 1st. November 2d, 67 days after accident (?),

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the mooQM of the small intestines Is somewhat injected, but without any covering or ulcers.

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There was an entrance wound (Mauser bullet) in line with posterior

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carried by an orderly, with the command, and the Medicine Chest and remaining

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the bleeding became very profuse. She rose from bed, and stood leaning for-

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Publisher), 37, Great Queen Street, Lincoln's Inn Fields, Loudon,

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is very apt to get the needle point out of the vein. This can usual-

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circulation. The aim of all therapeutic action is desig-

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months, but the course of lectures in this subject will be given

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cutaneous capillary system with plugs of red blood cells. In these places

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piration. The previous work in this line has tended to show

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referred to the Committee on Publication. • report upon the best mode of publishing it.

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the raphe being concave to that side. This half of the organ is atrophied,

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We believe that most doctors will agree that 14 per cent of milk fat in ice

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extensive incision of the soft parts on the inner side of

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Von Grafe that " while in many cases diphtheritic conjunctivitis is a

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That the first sound is connected with the ventricular systole, and coin-

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tumor was removed by colpocystotomy. The operation was