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avoided by the introduction of fans and strong drafts to carry away the

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limb. For the purpose of subduing inflammation, numbers of leeches are

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and flatus escaped. In a fortnight's time the patient

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and ill-educated women. Unless the questions are confined to those subjects

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bly, and in every respect he was apparently | lymph of considerable thickness. The right

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specimen, 10 c.c. of 95 per cent, alcohol added to prevent

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weeks after labor. The only efficient treatment would

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hidden significance ; some indirect bearing upon the patient which is not

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feeling actuated the Chamberlains to keep as a secret in their family, a

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intended to run the car to all parts of the city in response

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u. Naturw., 1885, 27-32. — Itianchi (A.) Studio clinieo

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that delirium tremens was induced, with simple exudation on the mem-

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crowded, and nearly half of them w^ere lyinu on the ground,

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and peppermint — are inert in the urinous and albuminous solu-

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There should be three repasts a day, namely : breakfast at

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sion as in impetigo contagiosa. Moreover, acute pemphigus is a

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our method of attenuation by the oxygen of the air to the anthra-

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and wine, if required, by the rectum for three or days

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“Medical Ethics”; James R. Weber, M.D., “Current

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influence. Thus when the fifth is stimulated ^ we get increase d

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this, the first of them, he describes " The Sheffield File-cutters'

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tive vtorbid, great confusion must result ; and for

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afford us a greater or less assistance as adjuvants, mainly

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to day, even in moderate doses, it favors the retention in the system

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Bacilli : rounded ends ; '8 p. broad, varying in length from 1 - 2 fi

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resonance just over the heart than on either side of it; and as a drum

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results, according to several authors, may be obtained in this

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does not amend during and after natural sleep ; (iv.) anaesthetics, unless

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benefit by the more vigorous and more philosophical mode of

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with the lower classes in France — so common that ar-

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exhibited by a "usual inflammatory croup." He refers, in this

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been trodden and described by hundreds before him ; and in

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the comfortable annuitant or the wealthy tradesman. It was

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action was not sensibly modified. This first period is

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the nasal discharge becomes again more watery and irritating.

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nent agents of the kind, but he will know their com-

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swelling of the abdomen became more and more conspicuous. By

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the shoulders is thrown back. This indicates want of tone in the muscles

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Niemeyer says, "it is doubtful if it be in our power to relieve the

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in indigogene, and, at the same time, to afford another proof of

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ness with vertigo and tinnitus occurred ; the result of a careful exami-