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hear the five-thirty news broadcast. As I settled before
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when the Christian religion supplanted the old faiths
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Abbott (Philadelphia) from an experimental investigation to
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Strychnia, digitalin, etc., may be required to meet the depressant effect
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2. The three special preparations of digitalis, namely, digipuratum,
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has remarked, seem to succeed it after a short time. Sometimes they come on
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they would be just as well otl'. There were some medicines
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be a cause, in which case specific treatment must be at once given.
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thereby endangered. The patient not unfrequently rebels
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neuralgic pains in infancy, considerable care is necessary if,
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sugar where Folding's solution was not decolorized, and sug-
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to have arrived at an understanding of the case. Where then is the lesion
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is the basal ganglia and neighbouring white substance. As a rule the
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that these deformities are more common in the crowded
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quantities, kefir is more digestible and more nourishing than
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IV. On the Organic Nitrogenized Principles of the Body, with a New
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ued for a long time he had found it to exert an injurious effect.
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diversion for those who are fond of changes ami can afford the
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this rabbit. The nodule is looked upon as largely a charac-
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leg, hand, and arm suddenly enter into contraction, and remain fixed. If
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the tube. The chest wall is then smeared with thick glycerine
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due to our ignorance of the methods adopted by Nature in promot-
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secretary would at once remove from schools in which the
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convex surface of the cerebellum. Its contiguous surfaces were
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denly obliterated ; air could not be propelled through it by pressing
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pass, at the earliest day, a Health bill which shall retain
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trophied, while except for the hypertrophy the tissues are quite normal
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the state of matters within. The magnified bowel destroys the
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we put too much importance in statistics. Actual ex-
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must of necessity be more or less contaminated with
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this subject, that if suspicion is attached to the character of
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should be cemented. There should be no inside rooms and all rooms
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statistics are given, embodying a comparison between the health
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out of the store of perceptions which were formerly present,
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ffarest occurrence, the wounds nearly always healing bj' first