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dying. She has been restored to comfort and appetite by ten grains

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severe symptoms which have sometimes resulted from this preparation in

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naked eye as a minute, white, globular speck. Magnified, the animal is seen

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loathsome to herself, and intolerable to her nearest relations and friends,

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may entirely disappear and the palatal arch become adherent to the

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the irritant properties of the air, adding much to the

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Vander Veer, of Albany ; " Femoral and Ventral Hernia

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is vesicidotympanitie. The pulmonary resonance extends downward two

testosterone propionate and trenbolone acetate cycle results

should not be forgotten that, as a citizen, one may be prominently

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does not locate the disease in one special organ. In Diabetes Gastrious

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ground ; choked disks. No an£esthesia. Very deaf on left side. Has been

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these old cases you must be very watchful lest the vomit-

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or less permanent, generally disappearing or diminishing daring sle^,

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of tjrphoid and other water-borne diseases, the water should be

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The two cases which have been detailed present the two

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traction of the circular fibres that prevents the reduction of

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who lived forty-six days after the last fecal alvine discharge.

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were extended to all exhibitors who had exhibits at this meeting of the

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Of the two cases that may be pronounced as cured, one was a woman

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would to a great extent remove the reproach of being

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cercus (the patient having once suffered from tapeworm), tubercle, and abscess.

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working at half auricular frequency — namely, 130. Such a condition

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dorsal surfaces of the hands and feet, upon the ankles, wrists, and forearms,

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but unattended with the usual indications of colic. There is intense

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There was, in fact, active disease of the whole seminal tract.

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Dr. J. Emery Frank, formerly of Marshall, has estab-

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all the feebleminded in the State, especially the chil-