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is the lesser curvature of the stomach. The greater curvature is be-

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what difference of sentiment may enter into the discussion of

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is painless and rapid and there is a characteristic fetid odor. Vomiting

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his head ache increased, he was excessively restless

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The diary of 1845 shows that he had now focused his ambi-

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flammatory products. In such cases vocal fremitus may

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greater is diminished. But here, no sooner does the right ventricle

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red. It is sterile. It coagulates milk within a few hours, and

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removed with success. Inasmuch as the only chance of surgical treatment

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formed, they were so intimately blended together. This

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The liist lesson is that the chemical composition of a vapour

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The maxilla inferior is moveable (1) and single ; of which the middle and

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well understood, and there is no need to dilate much

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larly when they possess a spasmodic character, which

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with the draw sheet into a tight roll close to the patient's body ; then

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bellion he was confined in a dungeon for SO hours, during

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less marked reddish or greenish reflexes. With the occurrence of

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After a prolonged life of activity and osef ulness, our lamented Eriend

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as well as the small voice of the country doctor who was

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progressive emaciation with reduction of weight from 160

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It now became an object of interest with me to ascertain

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without success, and Brazil continues to be the only

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months pregnant, had been in London for the purpose of con-

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moment in making a prognosis as to the likelihood of recur-

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to the four quarters of the globe. In 1889-90 influenza was pandemic.

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Pulmonary caverns intersected by cord-like bodies. From a specimen in the cabinet of Dr. Gross.

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may be accounted for by the anatomical connection of the cerebellar

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Clinical History. — ^The incubation period ranges in its duration from

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department sees no ground for alarm. We have absorbed

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have explained it, is, in the clinical wards of the Royal Infirmary of

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present. Eye-strain sometimes plays a part by causing faulty posture

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haustus quiniaa of the large Charity Hospital consists of 20 grains

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arterial oxygen pressure and found in every case that the arterial oxy-

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