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and myelitis is death from poisoning ; and even the

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teruaz. d. sc. med,, Napoli, 1886, n. s., viii, 283-287. .

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The association shall file in the office of the com-

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ural markings lost. The cerebrospinal fluid obtained at this time was

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this is due to an increase in the strength of the antagonistic

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diseases, and the best means of applying restraint in delirium and

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the spine. The wall of the cyst on the outer and front part was made up of true

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The Address in Surgery .—The paper of the day was an ad-


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Infantile convulsions are manifested in various ways, sometimes as

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signs of acute infection or jaundice, often very promptly after

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The treatment of mental depression due to a temporary ex-

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country, and from the great annual mortality which it produces,

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senses alone. Its actions are those of the first class, analogous to

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minimize such accidents. Forceful rapid dilatation, podalic version,

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that injections of antitoxine were found to affect princi-

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patient should be carefully placed with reference to the light

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are falsely Ciilled dead ; that no portions of history are more truly ' modem,'

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well known that the Chinese were very anxious to get back to their own

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all its parts, so that there may be no doubt as to the rem-

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cases of this character in our bed isolation ward. Cases of scarlet fever

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in 125 cases was 4,763,000, and the average leukocyte count in 132 cases was

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and the effect of an anteverted uterus upon the bladder produc-

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diseases and too many symptoms were discovered for the method of Da-

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to elbow, elbow to tip of middle finger, of the feet and

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out of the hospital he was advised to utfe smoked g^

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its methyl from what was administered, but he thought

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Secretary for War of Peru, Surgeon-General D. Juan M.

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