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The President of the Pathological Society will take the chair at

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throughout. He thought that Mr. Stokes had a little underestimated

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gested for the treatment of tetanus are of much value. In the horse.

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cheat me into using my legs, so glad was I to be enabled to do so. Dr. Jephson

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had up to that time lost about 100 lbs. in weight. One day an oede-

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5_2- The pulse was feeble, the respiration shallow, and expiration

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was rewarded by the attendance of two pupils, one of these being the

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Simpson caused the Chair of Midwifery to become vacant, there were

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think that the Lord Provost of Edinburgh went too far when he called

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Those clinical are the only ones I need take your time

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selves and advantage to the world at large. Dr. L. S. Beale, F. R.S.,

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Autopsy showed no important lesions in the thorax or abdomen.

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nised by rectal exploration at the anterior margin of the ihum. There

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noted do not justify the signification attributed to them. Cases have

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It extends in two opposite directions and forms a central plane, the ends

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racter of the disease suggested tuberculosis. The owner, tired of

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off hind leg. A little further on it stopped, apparently suffering from

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patient was a policeman, and was treated by Mr. Rolfe, who very

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excrement was found in the kennel. Manipulation of the abdomen

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momentary injustice done his friend, he went to sleep.

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in the lower portion of one or other lobe, sometimes of both. Per-

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pula, and on a new method of Operating for Impermeable

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The lesions were very different in the horses ; one horse showed a

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planter of it, that one wonders if Horace did not have

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pour candidal le docteur Mathews Duncan, tres-celebre professeur libre

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substance, and the diaphragm had attached to its posterior surface a

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contracted. The right heart was less changed, though the ventricle

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portions of the white matter softened on examining it the day after ; but

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This case, which we reported to the Societ6 de Biologic, appeared

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although micturition appeared a little difficult. The dressing was re-