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various bodies. Even the universities vary greatly. An

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chest clear on percussion throughout ; feet a little ocdematous, owing,

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the vagina detected, and the peritoneum found extensively detached. (Ibid.,

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Haultain's (^^) admirable article, in which he proves, to my mind

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systematically as part of the alkaline treatment since

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extend the list. Indeed, I should be tempted to gauge the

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While occupied some few days ago in preparing an electro-

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plications which may render the diagnosis difficult.

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essential pathological perversions underlie the existence of the mortid

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outside of the familiar areas of the central, temporal, and

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Immunity. — From what has already been said regarding

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tended. Clip the hair over the point on the left side, described in

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lies in front of it, in contact with the chest wall. In

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this communication together, although in the one instance

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Returning to Arlington, he began private practice in

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addicted to secret drinking. The hiiematemesis may prove fatal,

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were manifest by a decided elevation of temperature.

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he regarded it of enormous value in reheving pain. He was in

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non-nucleated, fully developed forms. Karyokinesis of the red blood-cells

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The description of the plates is taken from " Die Ratiouelle Behandlong der HamrOh-

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constitution some remarkable and distressing phenomena, as

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.as if it would burst, with pain oatouN^) ; stiffness; hands violet

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operator, at the time of making the communication, may

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indeed I think there is no fracture on which there has descended

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the surgery of tLe world being fully represented in it.

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not be considered an etiologic factor in paralysis agitans. (W. F. W. )

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cells of equal height, somewhat resembling small polariscope tubes.

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nected with the sanitary arrangement of the Hospital.

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City might not continue to care for her own insane,

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canery all the year and fasts on the Day of Atonement. Just as little

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structed with great care, and the reports of numerous cases

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enlarged, and may be darker in colour, whHe it is atrophied in the

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The incision employed is essentially that of McBurney, though con-

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proves that the rabbit was virgin. This rabbit had been purchased quite

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cattle down, paying $15 or $20 for 2-} r ear-olds, keeping them on grass

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will be found, that in nature also A. punctipennis does not carry

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were many Italian laborers, many of whom were malaria carriers.

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Rev. internat. de ihiuol., otol. etlaryngol , Par., 1897, vii,

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earliest (1897) existing Sanskrit MSS. It was prob-

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lish and their Origin," in your number of the 23idinst. (p. 20(i),


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