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these the author then vaccinated a boy fourteen years of age. On the sixth day there
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At the funeral service the schoolmaster was the leading singer.
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of cases of hypo-pituitarism described lately by Gushing, in which the
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generous, easily assimilable diet (milk, meat, eggs, fish, pur^s of green vege-
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larged and the pelvis contained from 88 to 250 c.c. of fluid. Minus
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true relation between the two kinds of worm was entirely un-
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was made of some entirely different disease. This hap-
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and wide-spread cedema in the vicinity of the obstructed vessel, and
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reservations for some later night. They do offer a luncheon menu; however, it is limited to
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is affected with this disease, there are apt to be more, for the
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administered subcutaneously, but when injected into
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the vaginal attachment. Starting at the pelvic brim,
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" Resolvedy That this Society coincide in the recommendation of the
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change the biliary secretions, remarking to him that a mercurial course
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1868.] Fs&oussoN on Progress of Anatomy and Surgery, 418
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sin. The nuclei of the white corpuscles will be intensely
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Another, a woman aged fifty years who had a persistent
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effect is only temporary. 2. Saline injections should
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stretched ; for if it is merely stretched, the divulsing
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gastroenterostomy of Von Hecker. By this operation, as modified by
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During the War many valuable lessons have been learned by
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A. P. Blenkinsop, C.B., C.M.G., D.M.S., Mesopotamian Expeditionary
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tice, thus giving a high scientific tone to the meeting.
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duces the opposite effect, until at length they are overcome,
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sented a talk on “Adequate versus Radical Manage-
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research, but must confine ourselves more ])articularly
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cess of water ever occurs save as an incidental morbid condition. The
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some rales, diminished respiration and increased resonance of voice.
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Do. 19, 9.00a. m. No sleep last night; headache; drank
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by forceps, with some diflSculty, as the cervix was not quite
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measure, with the hope that either childbirth or miscarriage
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reference to the length of time the diphtheria bacilli remain in the throat.
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that this fortunate result occurred without the assistance of any medical
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f pied by two great lakes, the waters of which flow
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The trend of modern doctrine has been towards the hypothesis of
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ous deposits and the discharges from these, yet no part oi the body can
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materials, according to this theory, which might be wast-
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great relief from stuping, but pain in the back is still her chief com-
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known form at their annual Christmas festival, when he usually distributed toys,
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Neuritis is, however, the most common cause of Bell's para-
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M. .1 , Loud., 188.5, ii, 702.— I..idboni (C.) O viintad lak-
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4. Waldstein SS. Szanto PB: Accuracy of sampling by needle biopsy in diffuse
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Asylum, Navy Yard, Arsenal, and the entire southeastern section