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developed: 1, the diagnosis of organs involved and the

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Tkbmatodia, or worms with organs for suction : Diatoma hepaticum^ in

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the process of inflammation, are all well-known causes of atrophy.

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even more tolerant than most other tissues, but on one

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it. He complained a little of pain in the back, and

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point to be noticed is that the posterior part of the fundus will show

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out his own practice and his own operation, he should say so

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Where reference is made to generically-designated drugs,

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Fcetus and its Placenta, at about six months gestation, the hydatid growth

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cause they are badly constructed. When any one acts

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but the distinction may be made by the history, which" does not in-

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that the duration varied between two and sixteen years. The average

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in ^he amount of urine passed daily during the first

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When regularly sterilized dressings are not available one should

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A. Landerer * reiterates his belief in the efficacy of sodium cinnamate

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metabolism and glycogen formation and inoperable Cancer and Superliclal

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nary derangement or thoracic effusion. This mode of exploration,

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of an apoplectic attack in an adult male under 40. We must also bear

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diagnosis of central tuberculosis of the metaphysis in chil-

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usually rapid or very slow during convalescence, the condi-

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alkalies, earths, and tannin ; also with sulphuretted hydrogen.

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is common in ulcerative colitis. Red cells may suggest renal


The same grumous matter was also seen to continue for some time

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few weeks by intermittent attacks of short duration.

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red glass, and before the pretended blind eye any kind of

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tion, whether administered as a laxative or an alterative, will prove fully as

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tuberculosis in no fewer than thirty out of three hundred cases; and this