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way, the edges of the soft palate can Ije easily approximated, and a plastic

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4. The arterioles of the renal cortex share in this

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by three catgut sutures. The point of attachment must be made as

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inhabitants by publishing fewer deaths than took place. The

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affected. Vomiting continues. There is oedema of feet, legs, and hands; she is

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monia, but two-thirds of them followed attacks of measles. Twenty-one

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acute chronic alcoholism, and long before any structural disease has taken

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in which death occurred secondary to an aural affec-

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generosity, and, above all, his loyalty, rendered him dear

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statement of cases and deaths reported during the two weeks

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know if I spell it right ; but as the word is made out of dys-

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higher functions, while the former is a premature and unnatural decay.

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to the patient. The pharmacologic induced erection is of a

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cial epoch, the antiquity of man, organic evolution, the

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and generally terminating in recovery in from twenty-four to

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indicated when there is much vomiting after feeding, or

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and when the patient coughs, or blows through his mouth, the cheek,

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freely through the kidney, and tends to increase the oedema. Whether

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eases too, in which the parts principally affected are

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used during pregnancy only il the potential benefit justifies the potential risk to the letus

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