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fx) Mills— The Nursing and Care of the Insane, .... "

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— Materia Medica and Therapeutics, Dr. Mitchell Bruce.

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When the tenesmus and tormina haye considerably abated,

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' Vide article entitled "Experimental Researches into a new Excretory Function

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as regards alimentation. Loss of appetite is one of the s^'mptoms of Tnani-

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lungs due to collapse of pulmonary lobules and interstitial pneumonitis are

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consider the former as secondary to, and dependent upon, a granulo-fatty

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useless, nay, how injurious, were many severities and deprivations;

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Pathological Character — Causation — Diagnosis — Prognosis — Treatment. Chro-

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Dr. Jaokson [op NobthuMbbrland] read the following : —

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Presenting the comforts of an elegant private residence,

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great abundance. According to Yirchow, each trichina gives birth to 200

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fatally is very large. The duration in fatal cases is short, in general only

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it is important that the physician be prepared to recognize the affection.

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the occurrence of cases in which it cannot be traced to contagion or infec-