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to two per cent. Corneal disturbances, as simple or ne-
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place of increasing the quantity of each dose, to repeat the pill every eight or
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whilst those who were not subjected to that medication were affected. —
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there was a chance of serious consequences from any mental
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exia and consequent degeneration of the blood and inhala-
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not determine the practical conclusion of these investigations.
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show a close correspondence with the conditions found in
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then in the Hospital College of Medicine, and for the last fifteen years
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irritation, and sometimes actual inflammation showing that
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after urination. The urethra opens into the passage about four
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IJveinj, Dr. John W. Ogle, and Mr. J. Beswick-Pen-in.
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in order that the maximal effect may be obtained fi'om the initial
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and Health was responsible for drafting the original
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the custom prevails of eating raw or underdone pork, especially in
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body, and even a drop of water act in the same manner. With-
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which on refusing to do the glass of wine was flung over his lace
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Criminal — His Social and Legal Status, and the Philosophy of
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erally noticed by authors, could only be expected as
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shown it to irritate the stomach, bowels and the whole body, to
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and healthy. The third child, a boy. had died of convulsions when
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and if a more or less acute alveolitis is present in the
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worse than the morphin craving. Codeinum phosphoricum
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this great Asylum with so many typical instances of the disease,
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for anything more serious than a cold, catarrh, indigestion from impru-
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sions " to purely emotional causes, whereas it really in-
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PRICK, THOS. L.,5020, ban Francisco. Medico-Chirurg. Coll., Pa., May 12. 1S97.
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exceedingly various, so that we can never say in ad-
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the nape, or cervix. The space between the eyes and antenna:^ is the