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turpentine, had had no action from the bowels, and was suftering fearful

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tioned in the text; the American editor will briefly

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5,000 and J26,000; and Dr. Lettsom's receipts in one year reached

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^ Marshall, E. K., Jr., A rapid clinical method for the estimation of urea in

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from these in the fact that the band nearer E b is more pronounced

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closely repositioned by the laser before fine adjustment. It means that the motion

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In the one case where l>oth m<»ther and child died, we were not

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thorough examination, and discovered an inflammation

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had severe headache ever since he was first attacked.

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quently become enlarged or dilated— and why ? Dr. Hall says, " ac-

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because the swollen mucous membrane opposes an obstacle to the res-

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when distended was 2'5 inches, audits width at the commence-

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smooth reddish mucous membrane. It grew from the anterior surface of

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The first symptoms of the growth apparently appeared

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pital Club. At the first meeting the following oflicers were

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The pulverized leaves and flowers should be applied to

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tions directly to the conjunctiva seems also undecided, although generally as-

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That man at the head of a united profession would wield the

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of the Sclera with Carbolic Acid. — Trince (" Ainer. .Jour, of Oplith.,"

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votive offerings and inscriptions upon the temple walls.

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consecutive to other affections, or symptomatic of them, such as the

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cases a portion of the affected tissue proceeds beyond the stage of

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the presence of lumbrici, we may specify the following, as familiar to

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of this disease, becomes almost imperative ; hence, various methods of

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extending from the isthmus upwards towards the hyoid bone. This

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Creolin is a good, cheap and popular antiseptic and deodor-

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The "clubs," or rays, are usually better developed in the granules in

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may be imperative to facilitate healing of, for example, a

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both to the digestive tube and the organs of excretion. An excess of

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Autopsies have been performed on eleven cases of scarlet fever, in five

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medium with spores of the species under examination. Incubate

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July 26th diplomas of honorary fellowship were conferred by the Royal

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angle with the shaft of the bone commonly met with in the

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and sh^iiing tongue, or redness of the tongue and elevation of the papillse;

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the case of a colored woman who had taken a large quantity

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lity was commented upon in pithy terms, and the stu-

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proliferation of the glia elements when the disease has been of sufficiently

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