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SUPRAPUBIC LITHOTOMY.— {St Louis Clinique.) Dr. L. T. Riesmever

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Tinctura Kino. Tincture. — Strength, giss-Oj. Should be re-

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the wards under my care. Very few of such cases have ever occurred

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disagreeable affection ; it is most common in young children, and

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C. L., aged 9, admitted into Charing-cross Hospital July 5,

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foods was hailed as an important advance in feeding methods. This was

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coverer of the process of mediate auscultation and the inventor of

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become gangrenous, this being practically hospital gangrene.

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this group can be cared for without taxing the Ameri-

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ten days. In dressing the wound, paroxysms of coughing

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October 24, 1887. The growth in the ovaries is represented by

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The result of the blood examination and the patient 's-

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Tuberculosis of the testicle and epididymis. 1. Xormal testicular tissue. 2. Cavity filled with

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indicate the existence of a hereditary or family group of lateral scleroses

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The various editions have all borne the impress of the ripe scholarship

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About one-third die of urcemic poisoning. A considerable number

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heart tonic, Doctor so-and-so's formula, or T. T. fever, tonsilli-

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qualities to compel the recognition of the public if they do not

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The President (Sii- Humphry Eolleston) : Surgeon-Comniander K. Dighy

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prevent the recurrence of the attacks is the more important one ; and the

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tests is, of course, incomplete without corresponding experiments

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strip a patient suffering under one of the early eruptions, the " exanthem "

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