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sporadic disease it is rare, and has not been as yet sufficiently studied by
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tained from the Chairman, Dr. J. C. Wilson, College of
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over its back, beginning at the metacarpus. At the nail he
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arch ruptured in 75 per cent., into the trachea in 4, into the left bron-
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marked in difficult shoals, by his obstinacy or Incapacity for decision,
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be a most dismal surprise to society at large ! — and second, that
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Kulendzawo kumbiwa tibiyo temhlaba letiletsa imali kuHulumende wema-
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frog is as follows: The hypodermatic injection of gr. Y%
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found that they passed through the malarial paroxysm ivithout
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first, when the colt is young, or the one farthest away if they are
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bv the Catalogue Committee and signed by Dr. R. J. Carlisle, of New
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of indigestion and constipation; (2) those against toxins other than those of the diph-
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In the more severe cases, and after the disease has fully developed, cultures
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hospital with the same complaint, we cannot help being struck
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chloroform, and in cases of lowness of the vital powers
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from the school will be used in making very practical the lessons in
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('ouimoilation. l!ee. d'opbth.. Par. ,'1885, 3. s., vii, 611-613. —
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Iron and Quinine would be found equally effectual : it may be taken
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indebted for it mainly to our own countrymen practising within
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their observations between the year 1880 and 1900. While these
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weapon "was employed by them, but that the wound had been occasioned by
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mann. Handbuch der Kinderkrankheiten. — 10. Silbermann. Jahrbuchfilr Kinderhelkunde.
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An interesting case of this kind, which occurred in Novemher, 1833, is
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of case* caused by inhaling foreign substances into the trachea. Prominent
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May 2:3rd. There was decided improvement in breath-
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The former, which consists merely in strong voluntary
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*he Hospital six weeks after the attack, and was then found
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normal capacity exists. Again, if sugar is discovered in the urine
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electric reaction, viz., an increase of the galvanic irritability in the
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or two cases that I have watched with the deepest interest. Now,
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of our fathers. Here, again, differentiation is at work. The
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quantities of bile being removed at the first operation. He
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from the grey matter lodged in the interior of the medulla
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lobe is almost twice as large as the left. On lifting up the liver a gall-
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sation anywhere, and no impairment of the functions of